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Turbocharge your pics with the next big thing.

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Crop your photos into one of 280+ awesome Shapes, Symbols, Words, and Letters. Make your snaps stand out on Instagram and other photo sharing sites. Effortlessly create eye-catching pics and attract attention with something more than just plain filters. Shaping is the new B&W!

I've given up my batmobile for ShapeThat app. It's that good.

~Bruce Wayne

ShapeThat app? It sounds like applepieslice. Mmm, apple.

~Homer Simpson

I can't get through my day without framing a fine one with ShapeThat app.

~Don Draper

How it works?

1. Take a photo or choose one from your photo library. Or even Facebook (yes, we support it and it's fully integrated).

2. Choose your mask from a vast library of Shapes, Symbols, Letters or even entire Words.

3. Customize your mask pattern, opacity, background color and size.

4. Crop your pic & share with your friends!

5. There is no step 5. It's that simple!


Share your gorgeous creations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - all that directly from the app. Get from taking a snap to captivating your friends online in less than 5 seconds.

Instagram users: Tag your photos with #ShapeThat for a chance to win a Shout Out across 1.5 Million followers!